Out-of-Doug Experience

Hi, I'm Doug, a design technologist, Awesome Foundation trustee, and dog enthusiast living in Portland, OR


A little about me

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved creating things and solving problems. Whether it's how to build a super-cool spaceship out of LEGO blocks or figuring out how to make a page more accessible, that joy of figuring things out has always driven me.

I've worked for multinational companies, startups, academia, and agencies. Projects range from trying to figure out how to make instructions for pre-reading kids in games to managing an ecommerce operation and on to creating an application for organizations combating houslessness in Portland. Get in touch if you have an interesting problem to solve!


When I was in school, they said that most of the careers that we'd have didn't exist yet. That seems to have been true. I'm still waiting on the moonbase, though. I was clearly promised that I would live on the moon. Right now, the closest I get is Kerbal Space Program.

Recent idle musings:



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